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You're using radiator cooling fan did you encounter these problems

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
As familiar with factory production radiator cooling fan, radiator cooling fan, we know that in the room like a sauna room temperature, the temperature is high, but if the machine in high temperature, it can lead to problems of machine, there will be a crash restart, chance is influential for mines, time is long, will cause irreversible damage, the plans of great consumption of mill, heat treatment, so be sure to do mining machine is effective way is through the radiator cooling fan machine away heat, exhaust to the outside of the machine, the working temperature of the machine is in the normal range, so, the machine with the radiator cooling fan has what problem should note? Machine because of its high temperature, the characteristics of the long time use, therefore, must ensure that the following two points must not be a problem. No. 1, cooling air volume and air pressure are big enough, even if it is a bit bigger noise, fundamental heat must be lifted, we said the above, the machine high temperature will be a problem. Second, the quality of the radiator cooling fan must be strong, can be on the high temperature for long time, some of the dust environment, caused by the radiator cooling fan does not turn, radiator cooling fan but do not turn, the temperature of the machine will be up soon. Wenling city chi automotive air conditioning technology co. , LTD. In view of the radiator cooling fan, opened more than mold, very representative radiator cooling fan. A few more radiator cooling fan, the first one is 11, 4300, in the second paragraph is 7, 6000 turn, voltage 12 v / 2. 4 a, air volume and air pressure is very big, 4 line PWM intelligent control function, the machine at high temperature, heat dissipation of the cooling fan speed automatically, on the other hand, the speed slower, more quiet. Both effective to extend the life of a, and improve the comfort.
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