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Why is the 3007 silent fan difficult to achieve, is there any good way?

by:TOCH     2021-04-01
The 3007 fan is a 30*30*7mm fan. The general actual size is 30*30*7.5±0.3mm. This fan is also used in the market, especially for products with high requirements for quietness. This fan is often used for a period of time. Noise is easy to occur afterwards, is there any good way to solve it? The relatively low-cost method is to change to a hydraulic structure. At present, most manufacturers on the market use an oil-containing structure. This ultra-thin micro fan has a better oil retention performance than the oil-containing structure. 1. The hydraulic structure can be designed with the upper and lower oil retaining structure. The label surface is sealed and integrated. Compared with the oil-containing 3007 fan, it is better to seal with the label. The hydraulic fan oil does not leak at all. The other end of the bearing is heightened and an oil protection cover is added, which can increase the amount of oil storage and prolong the service life. 2. The shaft core of the hydraulic fan is against the bottom, unlike the oil-contained fan, the ultra-thin oil-contained fan works because It is suspended operation, easy to swing left and right, and the hydraulic fan will not float up and down against the bottom, it is more stable, and the oil will be less and the better quality method is to use the 3007 fan double ball bearing structure, the double ball bearing fan is a tight The matched structure does not require oil lubrication, especially in high temperature environments and long-term use environments. The durability of the double ball fan is incomparable to the hydraulic bearing and the oil-bearing fan. It can keep silent operation for a long time.
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