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How are the cooling fan manufacturers under the new crown epidemic in 2020?

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
In 2020, the new crown virus suddenly struck. The cooling fan originally went through the manufacturing industry, and the step-by-step plan was disrupted. This year is about to pass. Let us recall how extraordinary the cooling fan manufacturers experienced and entered the artificial shortage from February to April. Because some orders were pressed at the end of last year, and the start of construction was one month late at the beginning of the year. After the start of construction, 50% of the personnel were not in place. Almost all cooling fan factories had serious delays in delivery. The entrance of the factory was filled with recruitment advertisements. There is a labor shortage. Because of the long delivery time, the manufacturers who buy the cooling fans place the preparation orders in advance, which causes the orders to be squeezed into the hesitation period in May. The orders seem to be missing. The customers are not in a hurry to ship the orders. At that time, the number of radiator fan manufacturers for recruiting workers became very few, and those who returned from their hometowns could not find a job. Many small radiator fan manufacturers began to worry about the order vacancies in the next few months, and they were worried about whether their customers would not be able to do so. I started to catch up in June. Things are not like we thought. On the contrary, orders from abroad have increased compared with before. One cooling fan factory began to recruit workers, rushing for jobs, and rushing for the goods until December 2020. , Because under the strict control of the government, although there were some impacts in the first few months, the orders of cooling fan processing plants have not been greatly affected throughout the year, and some even have better business
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