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Heat and cold shock test chamber introduced by the comprehensive laboratory of automobile radiator fan factory

by:TOCH     2021-04-01

The comprehensive laboratory of the automobile radiator fan factory has introduced new equipment-the thermal shock test box. The thermal shock test box, namely the temperature shock test box, the high and low temperature shock test box, is mainly aimed at the adaptability of electrical and electronic products, their original components, and other materials during storage, transportation, and use in an environment with drastic changes in temperature. test. It is mainly used to conduct environmental simulation tests on the physical and other related characteristics of the product in accordance with the requirements of national military standards or user-defined requirements under the conditions of instantaneous changes in high temperature and low temperature. After the test, the performance of the product can be judged through testing. Whether it can still meet the predetermined requirements for product design, improvement, identification and factory inspection. For example, a company that makes automotive products simulates the temperature test of hot coffee spilled on the body in the winter environment, which is to simulate the change of the body after the sudden heat is exposed in the winter outdoors; this kind of detection product is resistant to sudden changes in high and low temperatures. Resistance to thermal expansion and contraction, or in high temperature and low temperature environments, the safety and durability of the product can be tested and tested with the help of the thermal shock test box, and it can also detect the aging speed of some materials and finished products. . Not only in the automotive industry, the application environment of our cooling fans in other industries is also quite harsh. The introduction of a thermal shock test box is to add another layer of protection to the reliability of the product and better protect our customers. convoy!                     


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