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Winter cooling fan also must carry on the 'bath'

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Winter temperatures plummet, for the use of a cooling fan is also a lot of, when using the routine maintenance, is what we need to do. In the winter, some of the fog is bigger, of course, for the cooling fan, dust cleaning is also indispensable. When the cooling fan operation, it is in the process of high-speed operation, so it has accumulated lots of dust have been able to use to describe.
so, understand the problem, we can give the corresponding measures for it, we can be a cooling fan is the accumulation of dust, and to give it a bath, will be to clear existing within a cooling fan dust, in the design of it, a strainer can be installed, to filter the dust, and in this way, also let a cooling fan can live longer.
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