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Winter car car use

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
A lot of car users, in the cold winter are habitual don't attention to the problem of car radiator, think winter low temperature, use will not affect the car all the time. Thus will always appear such as fault, in fact, this idea is wrong, because of does not pay attention to these details, will cause the car crash, burn out can't normal operation, etc. , so in the winter when the car in the use of all should pay attention to what issues? Below explains by wen ling tong chi automotive air conditioning for you: 1. Car remember do not use time is too long in the oven on the desktop or quilt: most cars use in cold winter, because of the bad weather, always likes to put the car in oven cloth used on the quilt, middle also habitual don't put any objects separated, used cars, while the fire, so to car is very bad, because with a long time, the oven temperature is increasing, the table also rapidly rising temperature. And tablecloths and between cars and anything not isolation, tablecloths mouth sealed car radiator, car radiator cooling fan can't heat dissipation effect, time grows, automobile internal temperature is too high, it will cause the cooling fan burn, motherboard crash condition, such as serious even can cause a fire. If really afraid of the cold, in the use of car, the car is best in the far away from the fire source, and the car had better use objects separated, don't block the heat dissipation. Good ventilation. 。 2. Auto remember in a low temperature or damp place use: because the winter temperature is too low, and if the car in the wet and cold again. Cars will be because of low temperature on the motherboards, graphics CARDS such as capacitance may not normal startup, and so on and so forth. If you get up early in the morning, the car can't startup, first don't have to rush to repair, can use a hair dryer or a home first open some heat, a period of time, under normal temperature such as car boot up again. If or not to start, then go in the car repair shop 3 regular car cleaned up because the winter climate is dry, dust through car ventilation holes into the most easily attached to the parts inside the body, when the dust attached on the surface of parts, can cause the dust on the car radiator cooling fan too much heat, caused a serious fault. Drive internal if too much dust adsorption easy loading ability, car from time to time is stuck, unable to operate. 4 cars in operation of casual mobile of avoid by all means there are many people using cars are most likely to ignore the problem is that under the condition of the car boot operation, also with automobile random moving, actually such influence is very big, about cars because cars at run time, the hard disk read disk has been in the running, if here, random moving, can lead to reading difficulties, formed in the hard disk bad, mild impairment will cause the car hard disk bad way too much, system difficult to install, lost files, or system collapse directly, the person that weigh lose drive, led directly to the hard disk cannot be used. Is winter car use should pay attention to some of the items above, this article by wen ling chi automotive air conditioning, wen ling chi car air conditioning cooling cooling fan manufacturer, specializing in the production of automotive radiator cooling fan, dc cooling fan and various specifications for industrial cooling cooling fan.
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