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Will the power cord of the cooling fan burn if it is reversed?

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
For many products, if the power supply is reversed, the product will burn, or the insurance will be burned. Then the power cord of the cooling fan is connected reversely, will it burn? This needs to be divided into several situations: 1. If the driving chip of the cooling fan has no polarity protection function, it will burn as soon as it is plugged in, and the chip will be broken. 2. If the driving chip has a built-in polarity protection function, the polarity of the cooling fan will be reversed, and the current will be It will not burn in a short time, but it will cause the temperature rise of the motor to increase, because the driving chip is very close to the motor. If the temperature rise of the motor exceeds the temperature of the chip, some chips will be in a protected state. Some chips will be thermally punctured. 3. There is a reverse diode on the PCB control board of the cooling fan, and the power cord connection will not burn.
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