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Will the positive and negative poles of the DC cooling fan burn if connected reversely?

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
The DC cooling fan has two positive and negative power cables. When the cooling fan is installed, the positive and negative wires are connected reversely. Will the cooling fan burn out due to this? Probably, this is mainly related to the IC design of the cooling fan factory

Generally, the driver IC of the double-wire winding method has internal protection design, and the positive and negative power lines are connected reversely, which shows a short circuit. At this time, the current of the cooling fan will be much higher than normal, and the motor current will be larger. The temperature rise of the motor itself is high. When the temperature reaches a certain level, the driver IC will be damaged due to overheating, and the cooling fan will be broken at this time.

A part of the single-winding driver IC has no internal polarity protection. If there is no polarity protection on the motor stator PCB board, it may burn the IC instantly when connected.

In order to prevent the cooling fan from burning due to reversed polarity connection, it is best to add a diode to the PCB of the cooling fan to design polarity protection. In this way, the power-on cooling fan is connected reversely, and the current is zero. power ups.
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