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Will the cooling fan be broken if stored for a long time without power on?

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
Some customers ordered a cooling fan. For various reasons, the supplier finally made it, but was not in a hurry to ship it. It has been kept in the warehouse of the cooling fan manufacturer for a few months, some years, and kept it for so long. Will it break? According to the regulations of the cooling fan manufacturer, the cooling fans stored in the inventory for more than three months must be re-flowed out of the warehouse and fully inspected to ensure that the cooling fans are qualified. Especially for fans with oil, if the time is extended, the oil is easy to dry and cause noise. The cooling fan of the ball bearing is okay. Basically, there is no problem after putting it in the warehouse for so long. Some man-made accidents may not happen, but we are still foolproof and reflow.
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