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Why will appear the oil radiator cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
When you find anything in the radiator cooling fan operation time can present the status of the oil spill, said that although not often happen, the radiator cooling fan, there is no big problem itself, but also waste resources, after all the oil are to be of cost, so in order to prevent this kind of situation we always maintain the cooling cooling fan, radiator cooling fan oil condition have which? 1, bearing box smooth oil is too high, smooth on both sides of the oil from the bearing box at the top of the oil supply, bearing equips with oil ring, flow through oil throttle control. If the cooling cooling fan oil flow rate on the high side, fan heat by the high speed of the rotor and smooth and the effects of high oil temperature rise, cause necessarily limit the highest oil level is lower than the actual oil level of bearing box, resulting in leakage of oil seal. Moreover, smooth oil pressure is too large will cause the shaft seal leakage. 2, tubing road interface untight seal, bearing box is the most easy to present the part of the oil leakage is the shaft seal. If the radiator cooling fan shaft seal o-rings and skeleton oil seal long-term wear, aging and repair assembly process when wrong, will render such condition, 3, the hydraulic cylinder oil, radiator cooling fan hydraulic cylinder seal is lax, or gap is too big, level in combination with lax hydraulic cylinder oil leak problem had happened. 4, oil is unqualified of smooth. Some oil timing tests, not according to rules of granularity overruns caused wear rubber seals, or smooth oil containing moisture, cause the servo valve rust, damage, leading to the oil.
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