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Why is the cooling fan developing so fast in China?

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
Twenty years ago, you were looking for cooling fan manufacturers, which were basically made by Taiwanese or Japanese manufacturers. There were almost no manufacturers in mainland China. 20 years later, whether they were Taiwanese or Japanese brands, there were only a few listed companies. With the advantages of product design, they have a good share at the top. In the low-end market, almost all of the cooling fan manufacturers in mainland China are doing it. The development of cooling fans in these 20 days can be described as very rapid. I worked in a Taiwan-funded factory. At that time, a fan factory in mainland China started production. The quality of the mold or the fan is far from the second-tier Taiwanese factory. Either the cooling fan is not well balanced, or The fan won't turn after a long time, and the plastic mold is very rough. I have to be in awe of the Chinese, be serious about work, explore technology, learn while copying, learn while innovating, and overtake in curves. Through more than ten years of hard work and study, the current cooling fans in mainland China are not only in terms of quality, but also in the design of Taiwanese companies that are catching up with the second-tier brands in terms of delivery. The only weak point is the design of the air duct and the design of the leaf shape. We are summing up experience to fill this weakness.
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