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Why does the cooling fan manufacturer have no inventory?

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
When customers find cooling fan manufacturers on the Internet, there are some customers who are not familiar with cooling fans. Most of them will ask if they have this fan. Can they send samples today? The cooling fan manufacturers have almost no inventory, and samples must be made now. , Then, why did the cooling fan manufacturer not even have a sample? 1. It's not that the cooling fan manufacturer can't find even a fan sample, but the specification required by the customer, or the specification parameter required by the customer, it is generally possible to find one or two fans 2. Because the customer of the cooling fan manufacturer They are all production and processing factories, and only factories need a large amount of fans. Therefore, manufacturers and customers have strict requirements for cooling fan suppliers, with strict specifications and test reports. That is what we often say is tailored to the customer. Therefore, when customers come to ask for samples, they must have some requirements, and they are more picky, and strive to achieve a more ideal state. 3. Cooling fan specifications and sizes. There are many molds. It is estimated that there are hundreds of models. Cooling fans with molds must also be produced frequently. However, the production quantity is a little more specifications and some are less. Then, if every mold has According to our own standards, only ball bearings are made, 12V, transit, dozens of units are put in the warehouse, there are more than 10 boxes, and this only accounts for one-sixth of our standard specifications, because the cooling fan has 5V, 24V, and high-speed , Low-turn, oil-impregnated bearings. These 10 boxes of samples are afraid that the samples will not be delivered in one year. More precisely, they are customized according to customer requirements. Only a small part of them are ready-made and very urgent. Therefore, it is not appropriate to make inventory samples of cooling fans. You are welcome to visit the cooling class and news center of cooling fan manufacturers again. The copyright belongs to the cooling fan manufacturers and only represents personal opinions. Please do not reprint the whole article. Any violation will lead to legal responsibility. For more product introductions of cooling fan manufacturers, please click Product Center
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