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Why do cooling fan manufacturers want to get an air volume tester

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
Most of the cooling fan manufacturers have less than 100 people. Their main job is to buy some materials and do an assembly job. Some small-scale cooling fan manufacturers want to have an air flow tester. Is this important? When we develop a new mold, we want to compare the air volume and wind pressure of our competitors, and confirm whether the mold we opened is successful. When we make a cooling fan sample, we must confirm the air volume and whether the air pressure can meet the customer's requirements. These all need to use the air volume, air pressure tester, data, strong convincing, high reliability, small fan factory does not have this equipment , Including the air volume and wind pressure parameters in the specifications, are all estimated and compiled and cannot withstand scrutiny. Welcome to the heat dissipation classroom and news center of the cooling fan manufacturer again. The copyright belongs to the cooling fan manufacturer and represents only personal opinions. Please do not reprint the whole article. Any violation will be held for legal responsibility. If you need to know more about the cooling fan manufacturer's product introduction, please Click on the product center
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