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Which frameless cooling fan or framed cooling fan has the largest air volume?

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
Common cooling fans are framed, square, and there are some special ones, which are frameless, such as triangular brackets, slotted brackets and other bracket fans, then the framed cooling fans and frameless ones, which Is the air volume of a cooling fan larger? First of all, let's understand the meaning of the air volume of the cooling fan. Simply put, it is the air flow brought by the cooling fan when it is working. The air flow is called air volume. The air volume data is tested by a wind tunnel machine. Yes, the air volume blown by the cooling fan is completely blown into the wind tunnel machine. There is a sensor in the wind tunnel machine, which is transmitted to the database to calculate the air volume data. Another problem, we need to understand the size of the air volume and What matters is mainly related to the shape of the fan blade, and secondly to the shape of the outer frame. Therefore, the square cooling fan and the frameless cooling fan depend on the air volume. Firstly, which leaf brings more air volume, and then the outer frame's ability to collect wind and air intake, but it is frameless. Because the wind blown out by the cooling fan is scattered, there is no way to blow all the wind into the wind tunnel, and there is no way to test it. Therefore, there is no way to compare the air volume of the two fans from the single unit, unless the frameless The cooling fan is combined with the heat sink to let the wind blow out from one place, and measure the combined air volume
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