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Where is the car radiator fan pack, radiator fan principle introduction

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Installed on the car radiator fan in the home, this is to help the car air conditioning cooling device for cooling. If you have you want to know the working principle of the radiator fan? It to the small make up today is to introduce the car radiator fan installed where that everybody with small make up to look at it. Is according to the water temperature, engine load, signals to a computer, engine computer control relay fan to high or low speed, but also affected by the air pressure, the principle is that the air conditioning and receive air pressure switch, indoor and outdoor temperature, such as signal, and then through the bus pass air conditioning the signal to the engine computer, engine receives the can open, the control of the compressor, the fan control relay and at the same time, when the air conditioning pressure affected by the environment, and their influence grows, the engine computer receives the computer air conditioning, fan speed control relay suck, fan at high speed. The working principle of the radiator is heat transfer. And car radiator fan's principle is to increase air circulation in fever software, through the constant circulation of air to keep away heat. Actually are some heat transfer. High temperature to low temperature.
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