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When the car boot cooling fan noise and error due to what reason be

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Car after using for a long time, from the beginning, the screen displays a radiator cooling fan report errors. What is the cause of the cooling fan error? Radiator cooling fan agents, electronic technology personnel for your puzzles: there are four reasons for the above situation, auto cooling fan internal parts damaged, motor rotation. Internal wiring of cabinet put oneself in another's card or something else on the heat dissipation fan blade, lead to the cooling fan blades to rotate. Increase gradually with the passage of time, the internal heat, and can't spread out, can lead to alarm system. May be the line interface connection error, cooling fan cooling cooling fan interface connection to another place or the cooling fan inside the case interface. The BOSS set has a problem. No temperature control and check 3 functions. If the boss system can be monitored, it emits an intelligence report to the police. In addition to the above four factors, there are some other factors may lead to the cooling fan reporting errors. We just need to know the reason, and gradually solve the problem one by one. In fact, computer cooling fan cooling cooling fan and heat sink is used to heat dissipation fan heat quickly export and blow into the nearby in the air. The cooling effect in quality is directly related to the cooling fan cooling fan and the quality of the heat sink. Fan main performance in speed, leaf shape, fan Angle and bearing system, etc. Under normal circumstances, the heat sink of the manual will show that the cooling fan speed. 30% of the radiator cooling effect depends on the cooling fan speed. Auto cooling fan loudly when the phone is switched on, the likelihood is caused by the following reasons: 1, the cooling fan is a lot of time according to the cooling fan power to change the speed, temperature to drop, boot when the power is great, so speed is big, hear the sound is very big. Sometimes associated with quality of the cooling fan, if not influence the use, there is no problem. 2, may be the time is long, the cooling fan of the lubricating oil aging or the cooling fan for a long time not to clean the area is too much dust, lead to friction loudly when the phone is switched on, can clean the dirt on the cooling fan, to add lubricant. 3, sometimes associated with quality of the cooling fan, if not influence the use, there is no problem. Auto cooling fan is also called heat radiator fan, generally used for heat dissipation, provide for the use of the radiator and chassis. In general, the are marked on the manual of the radiator cooling fan speed. Radiator cooling effect of 30% depends on the cooling fan speed, but the cooling fan is not speed, the higher the better. Correct cooling fan speed should be decided by the calorific value of the cooling fan, fan speed selection of different specification should distinguish somewhat, the basic principle is: on the premise of produce the same volume, the fan speed should be lower, the greater the noise may also be small, generally between 3500 RPM to 5200 RPM speed is a more conventional. The greater the power, the cooling fan wind is strong, the cooling effect better, and the power of the cooling fan and cooling fan speed is a direct link between, that is to say, the higher the speed of the cooling fan, cooling fan will be strong. At present general motors sold on the market of the cooling fan is dc 12 v, power from zero. W to 2 X. X W, the size of the power need to choose according to the cooling fan calorific value. Special remind is, can not be one-sided emphasis on power, as long as the match the power of the cooling fan is ok, if the power is too big, not only the cooling effect in not much increase, it may enhance the computer's work load, will shorten the life of cooling fan and cooling fan. Desktop cleaning method of the cooling fan: 1, the small hairy brush paint brush away the dust on the cooling fan cooling fan, want a more thorough green dusting can put the cooling fan on the radiator cooling fan remove the bai, the dust in the aluminum radiator fin below also brush. 2, if the cooling fan is too loud, can put the cooling fan removed du, remove the cooling fan behind the round tape, add a few drops of sewing machine oil in the bearing place or motor oil, be careful not to drop out and stick back the tape, then put the cooling fan back to the radiator. 3, note: inside the chassis is not going to get an electric shock, because of the high auto electrical is 12 v is much lower than the body of AnQuan voltage, but also should pay attention to take electricity after the grass.
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