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What standards are followed during engine cooling fan production?
Standards followed during engine cooling fan production can be categorized into four major types. The first is fundamental standards. They concern terminology, conventions, signs and symbols, etc. Next is test methods and analysis standards, which measure characteristics such as chemical composition. The third is the specification standards. They define the attributes of the product and its performance thresholds, such as suitability, health & safety, environmental protection, etc. And the last one is organization standards, which describe elements such as quality management and assurance, production management, etc.
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By constantly improving quality of radiator fan and its service, Tongchi Auto Air Conditioner Manufacturing Co., Ltd is deeply relied on by customers. We will show you the mercedes cooling fan series that is most popular with customers. The product has been tested by a third-party authoritative agency. People will find the product washable and it is super easy to clean. No special deodorization or mildew cleanser is needed.
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Sustainability is vital for our business growth. We optimize the collection and recovery of waste so it can become a source of new resources to recycle and recover.

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