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What should I do if the DC cooling fan fails?

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
With more and more factories, the purchase of mechanical equipment will also increase. In order to extend the service life of the equipment, it is necessary to apply a DC cooling fan to dissipate heat, but we will find that the purchased DC heat dissipation After the fan has been used for a long period of time, sometimes it doesn't rotate, or it slows down suddenly and quickly, and it feels like it's stuck. There are many reasons for this failure. So what should I do if the DC cooling fan fails?   As a machine, failure is inevitable. We did not choose to replace it immediately. We must find the cause from the faulty DC cooling fan. The fan stopped rotating. One possible reason is that the rotation speed of the cooling fan has not reached the normal speed required for the radiator to work. As a result, the DC cooling fan cannot reach its operating power, and the consequence of such a slow rotation or even no rotation will occur, and the heat dissipation effect will definitely not be as good as before. At this time, we can try to adjust the fan blades of the cooling fan so that its speed can meet the corresponding power requirements of the radiator. This time not only solves the problem, but also saves you the trouble of replacing a new device.   If the machine frequently replaces the DC cooling fan, it will also cause such failures. Someone here will definitely say that I often replace the cooling fan to keep the machine in the best working condition, why this is not good? Actually, the equipment we use does not necessarily need to be replaced with a new cooling fan. The most important thing is Find the most suitable DC cooling fan.   Another situation is that the speed of the DC cooling fan is relatively slow when it is turned on, and the noise is loud, and it will return to normal after a while. The above phenomenon still occurs after using the same cooling fan for a period of time. The indoor temperature where the DC cooling fan is located is low, causing the lubricating oil on the rotating bearing to fail. At this time, it is necessary to add antifreeze lubricant to the DC cooling fan, and pay attention to the temperature of the environment.   If there is a sudden special noise during use, even louder than the sound of the power supply of the case, it may be due to a long period of 'out of repairThe motor lubricating oil of the cooling fan has completely dried up, causing a motor-like roar. The manufacturer of Yi Rongchuan told us that the DC cooling fan and the radiator must be separated first, and the radiator can be cleaned directly with tap water. You can wipe it with soft paper first, and use a small medical cotton swab to wipe the gap. Open the plastic sticker on the back of the cooling fan, and use ordinary sewing machine oil to drop 1 drop to 2 drops into the movement.   After the introduction of the editor, have you learned how to deal with the common failures of the DC cooling fan? This also requires us to pay more attention to the daily use of the DC cooling fan.
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