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What should be paid attention to when using the cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
What should be paid attention to when using the cooling fan u003cbru003e In the eyes of outsiders, the frame of the cooling fan is so sturdy and simple in appearance, it should be difficult to be broken. In fact, it is not the case. At the Hongchen cooling fan factory, I treat him as a baby. It is indeed necessary. After knowing the structure of the cooling fan, maybe the view is different u003cbru003e u003cbru003e u003cbru003e 1. The cooling fan should be handled with care, because the assembly dimensional tolerances of the cooling fan are all based on a few tenths of mm. A slight deviation of the size may cause the cooling fan to cause noise, jamming and other defects, and the rotor Wrong size may also cause poor induction u003cbru003e u003cbru003e u003cbru003e 2. Store the cooling fan in a cool place as much as possible, because a high temperature environment will accelerate the volatilization of the cooling fan's lubricating oil. If the oil dries, the life of the cooling fan is about to come. u003cbru003e u003cbru003e u003cbru003e 3. Dongguan Hongchen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. uses advanced automated production equipment to ensure product quality and life. u003cbru003e u003cbru003e u003cbru003e 4. If you need professional services, please contact Hongchen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
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