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What's in turbine characteristics and advantage of a cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Turbo fan is suitable for the local cooling and space efficiency applications, turbo fan air volume little static pressure big, Outlet output faster speed) , the wind and the wind is 90 degrees, high static pressure fan, vertical air supply.

turbo fan compared with axial flow fan, turbo fan because of high static pressure, suitable for adsorption and cooling object, axial flow fan can expand the scope of airflow, applicable to the equipment cooling and air circulation.

turbo fan with an air suction for the central mouth and a vertical exhaust outlet, the equipment can be installed in the narrow space inside, 52 * 15 blower, the same performance of 40 * 28 axial flow fan height was reduced by 20%.

turbo blower is widely used with the scene:

1, air purifier,

2, 4 d theater seats ( According to the wind in the movie scene for blowing)

3, inkjet printers, Adsorption of printing paper)

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