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What problems will you encounter in the process of using DC cooling fans?

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
The cooling fan is mainly used to deal with the heat dissipation problems of industrial electrical appliances, machinery and power supplies, reduce the working environment temperature of the equipment, and extend the service life of the equipment. Therefore, if there is a problem with the cooling fan, the equipment will not work properly, which will affect the industrial production efficiency. Knowing the common problems in the use of cooling fans can be prevented in advance.  The problem that the motor of the cooling fan does not rotate. If this phenomenon occurs in the centrifugal fan, the power supply must be cut off before checking. If the on-line inspection may endanger the maintenance personnel's birth name registration, it constitutes a great security risk. In fact, as long as the power supply involves many problems with the heat dissipation fan, the power supply must be blocked to ensure full compliance.  The noise problem is a very common problem in the application of cooling fans. Excessive noise always makes people feel irritable, so if you find that the cooling fan is too noisy during use, please check whether the bolts are loose. At the same time, check whether the impeller of the cooling fan is loose. In many cases, the noise of the distributed heat dissipation fan is directly related to the blades. Therefore, once the cooling fan has noise, it is generally believed that the impeller part of the cooling fan should be checked first.   The bearing vibration of the cooling fan can cause problems such as damage to the bearing and blades, loose bolts, and damage to the casing and air ducts. In severe cases, it will directly lead to the normal operation of the fan. There are many reasons for the excessive vibration of the cooling fan bearing. It is necessary to analyze the causes based on different phenomena and take corresponding measures to deal with them in order to get twice the result with half the effort.  The noise of the DC cooling fan cannot be eliminated, which is also a recognized reality. However, some manufacturers of DC cooling fans have very low noise. How did they do that? How to reduce the noise of the DC cooling fan.  System resistance: Under normal circumstances, the noise of the inlet and exhaust ports of the shell is a large part of the system resistance. The greater the air flow, the greater the noise and the greater the system resistance. Therefore, in order to reduce the bottom noise, it is necessary to adjust the system's shade protection to a small value. Speed u200bu200band size of DC cooling fan: The higher the speed, the greater the noise, so the noise of high-speed fans is generally much larger than that of low-speed fans. In the case of the same heat dissipation capacity, try to choose a low-speed, large-scale DC cooling fan.   DC cooling fan raw materials: The raw material of the cooling fan determines the noise level generated by the vibration of the fan when it rolls. Fourth, the power supply voltage: sometimes the unstable voltage can also increase the noise of the fan. The higher the voltage, the greater the noise, otherwise the noise will be lower.  The planning of electric fans: The planning of electric fans can not only determine the durability of electric cooling fans, but also one of the standards to measure the quality of cooling fans. The planning of a good cooling fan is very precise. The planning of the number of blades of the fan and the layout of the rack, as well as the distance between the components of the fan and the size of the fan are appropriate, so that the life name of the DC fan can be increased, and the life name of the bottom fan can be reduced. noise.
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