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What kind of the working principle of blower are there?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Along with the continuous development of industry, fan fan type also more and more, blower is one of the most common type, it can save energy, reduce energy consumption, save production cost advantages, have been used by more and more users, in addition to the fan itself can bring the most basic for air ventilation effect, blower than other types of fan in each aspect. So what kind of the working principle of blower are there? YiRongChuan professional technician to about one by one to you. General blower has the following several works: 1, the working principle of the rotary fan: rotary blower structure compact, generally by the motor, transition device, air blower, air chamber, the base of ontology, And fuel tank) , drip nozzle of the six parts. Blower run by cylinder offset in the rotor eccentricity, and makes the rotor slot of the volume change between four blades will air suction, compression, spit out. Blower operation in the process of using differential pressure automatic lubrication to drip nozzle, drop into the cylinder to reduce friction and noise, also can keep the gas inside the cylinder does not return. 2. Centrifugal blower works: blower will usually have a high-speed rotation of the rotor, the air is driven by rotor blade on the high-speed movement, centrifugal force makes the air within the involute in the shape of a chassis, along the involute flow fan outlet, high-speed airflow have a certain air pressure. New air from the center of the casing into added. Actually working principle of centrifugal fan and centrifugal fan is similar, the difference is in the air compression under the action of centrifugal force, usually after several work impeller. By changing the performance curve or external pipeline characteristic curve of the fan itself, is the basic principle of blower to adjust. Blower run time point, in addition to performance depends on itself, still depends on the characteristics of the system, when the pipeline resistance increases, the pipeline performance curve steepened. 3. Roots blower roots blower works: for positive displacement blower, conveying air volume and revolutions in proportion, compared with 2, ovate, every time 3 leaf type impeller rotation is conducted by two leaves three suction exhaust, less gas pulsation, load change is small, high mechanical strength, low noise and vibration is small. Each branch of the impeller has been correct by synchronous gear phase, avoid touching the phenomenon, so can be high, and the structure is simple, do not need internal lubrication, smooth operation, stable performance, adapt to a variety of purposes, has been applied widely. Through the above introduction, believe everybody for blower works have a better understanding. But it is because the blower has the characteristics of these advantages, it has been more and more users use, can be widely used in chemical, food, building materials, mine, textile, pneumatic conveying, sewage treatment and so on various industrial sectors.
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