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What is waterproof radiator cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
What is waterproof and a cooling fan? What is the role? Waterproof cooling fans can really waterproof? Cooling fan manufacturer tong chi small make up today is for everyone to share

waterproof fan cooling fan with high protection grade. In the application conditions ( Water and salt fog oil
corrosive gases) Heat conduction and thermal radiation can not meet the needs of heat dissipation, need XHR fan forced convection and must guarantee the long-term and effective cooling demand, fan itself necessary product protection requirements to ascend; Various insulation paint USES the special glue to seal to all aspects of the seal to the motor parts, etc.

A, tools/raw material

insulating liquid, fan motor, A and B resin

2, method/procedure

1 A, after drying sealed insulating liquid coating covered the whole motor.

B, the insulating liquid coating covered after vacuum coating insulation effect and features have differences.

21, fan motor, control circuit, using the A and B resin sealing technology is much better than the traditional vacuum crossing the membrane waterproofing process

2, waterproof consistency: the protective effect of A complete solution, technological process is relatively complex, high requirements.

that is a cooling fan manufacturer for share waterproof cooling fan is what contents, hope my friends will like it, welcome to contact us at any time, if necessary, please look for the website: http://www. xfs— 风扇。 com/
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