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What is the reason why the cooling fan in the air purifier does not rotate?

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
The cooling fan installed in the air purifier rotates and does not rotate. What is going on? There are only two cases, which are the quality of the fan itself or the insufficient anti-shock ability. /product_112.htmlFor example, if the power design is too large, the temperature will continue to rise for a long time, and finally it will burn. For example, the voltage of the purifier is a little higher than the rated voltage of the cooling fan, causing the cooling fan chip to burn. , Normally, the operating voltage range of the cooling fan should ensure that it fluctuates within +/-10% of the rated voltage without problems. The most easily overlooked is the second type. The static voltage interferes with the cooling fan. It is also very common for the static voltage in the air purifier to reach tens of thousands of volts. Just watch the fan rotate and stop. Once again Power on, move it, and it won’t turn up. In this case, the chip of the cooling fan is basically destroyed.
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