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What is the reason for the noise of the refrigerator cooling fan in use?

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
In the hot summer, the refrigerator has become an indispensable electrical appliance in our daily life. It can help us freeze food so that the food will not go bad and smelly. Many friends are responding that the refrigerator will dissipate heat during use. The cooling fan makes a lot of noise, but I don't know what caused it? The following will be explained by the technical staff of Wenling Tongchi Auto Air Conditioner: If the refrigerator is generally in use, if the heat dissipation fan makes noise, then the following may be the cause? First, the newly-purchased refrigerator is caused by loose screws during production, transportation, or long-term use, and the heat dissipation fan is unstable and hits the refrigerator. The specific method is to disassemble the refrigerator and reinstall and tighten the screws. Second, because of the long time of use, the oil stains dry up and cause the radiator fan to rotate unsmoothly, resulting in abnormal noise, usually pay more attention to maintenance, and regularly refuel the refrigerator. Third, the quality of the refrigerator itself is poor. Caused by quality problems, no matter how to install, there will be abnormal noise, it is recommended to replace the refrigerator cooling fan. Fourth, whether the space where the cooling fan of the refrigerator is installed is too small, and it makes noise when it encounters other objects, just find out the reason and deal with it in time. The above is the reason for the noise of the refrigerator cooling fan. Wenling Tongchi is the leader in the automotive air conditioner and cooling fan industry. It is a professional wholesaler of DC and AC cooling fans for various electrical appliances. Excellent quality, service first, if you need to buy a cooling fan, please follow our official website for more products for you to choose from. .
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