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What is the installation method of 'Step by step' Youzhi axial fan?

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
What is the installation method of 'Step by step' Youzhi axial fan? u003cbru003e1. Preparation work before installation of axial flow fan: u003cbru003eOpen the box and check whether all parts of the fan are complete, and whether there are any bumps on the outside of the casing. Pay special attention to whether the head rectifier is bumped or deformed, and whether the components are tightly connected. u003cbru003eWhether the blade motor is damaged, whether the impeller rotates flexibly, repair and adjust if any problem is found. Check the installation foundation of the fan, it must have sufficient strength u003cbru003eand rigidity to ensure that it can withstand the load of the fan during operation, and check whether the connection size of the foundation and the fan meets the design requirements. u003cbru003e2. Installation of axial fan: u003cbru003e1. The horizontal installation of the fan is to fix the shock absorber to the fan base through the connecting bolt, and adjust the level of each shock absorber with the center height adjustment pad. u003cbru003eThe fan is fixed on the connecting steel plate that has been welded to the foundation. If the fan does not need a shock absorber due to anti-vibration and other reasons, the screw hole on the fan base should be embedded in the foundation u003cbru003eThe bolts can be connected directly. u003cbru003e2. The basic requirements for side wall horizontal installation of fan installation are the same as horizontal installation, except that the mounting bracket is made of inclined arm support, and the bracket must have sufficient strength and rigidity u003cbru003eThis installation method is not suitable for fans above 10#. u003cbru003e3. For suspension installation, first connect the shock absorber and the fan with bolts into one body. The shock absorber is installed symmetrically and arranged on both sides of the center of gravity of the fan. u003cbru003eInstalled on the suspension bracket, the height of the suspension bracket is determined by the user depending on the actual space distance. Fans above 16# generally do not adopt this type of installation. u003cbru003e4. Vertical installation The vertical installation method of the fan is the same as the horizontal installation, and the requirements for the strength and rigidity of the fan foundation are stricter. u003cbru003e5. The connection between the fan and the pipes at both ends must use flexible joints to isolate vibration and protect the fan. u003cbru003e u003cbru003e u003cbru003eRecommendation: Car cooling fan http:///products-detail.asp?cpidu003d121
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