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What is the heat dissipation dc cooling fan?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Heat dissipation dc cooling fan, it is a kind of important modern industrial machinery cooling device, it has good heat dissipation effect, long service life, simple structure, easy installation and so on characteristics and is widely used in mechanical cooling. So you know what is heat dc cooling fan, just below the YiRongChuan professionals to introduce for everybody. What is the heat dissipation dc cooling fan? Cooling dc cooling fan is mainly composed of rotor, stator, blades and other auxiliary components, control circuits should have many semiconductor devices, is now receive in one or more IC, there are many manufacturer specialized in designing and manufacturing of many models IC supply cooling fan motor control circuit is designed to be used. Different types of IC control circuit, but the main purpose is to provide more effective control and protection of the effective function of coil and cooling fan related feature requirements. Heat dissipation dc cooling fan working principle: by dc voltage and electromagnetic induction, the electrical energy into mechanical to drive the blades rotating, simply put, is relying on the coil and switch IC, induction magnetic ring from drive the blades rotating cooling device. Heat dissipation dc cooling fan of the advantages of: 1, the heat dissipation dc cooling fan adopts the most advanced design, with large air volume, low noise, long life, corrosion resistance, etc. 2, USES the high quality of bearing, silicon steel sheet, enameled wire, with a higher reliability. Cooling dc cooling fan's own monitoring methods are: monitoring of cooling dc cooling fan itself alarm sensor and speed sensor of two types, using alarm sensor can be in the cooling fan speed falls below a certain threshold alarm signal is given, and the speed signal output, which can realize real-time monitoring of the cooling fan speed. Obviously, the greater the volume of cooling dc cooling fan its cooling capacity is higher. This is because the heat capacity ratio of air is certain, larger volume and per unit time is more air can take more heat. From cooling dc cooling fan circuit output rotational speed signal for pulse form, usually said the cooling fan of each wave head turned a circle, the signal through the data bus directly to the host for display. Some cooling fan the speed of the output signal is not the real speed of the cooling fan, but speed of multiples, such as per round two, four or six pulse, must be processed to form reflect the reality of the cooling fan speed signal. Through the above introduction, everyone knows what is heat dc cooling fan, if you want to learn more about the knowledge of the heat dissipation dc cooling fan, can go to see how heat dc cooling fan is running.
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