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What is the effect of cooling fan blades on the fan performance

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Cooling fans believe that all of us are not strange, now usually have to use all aspects of equipment, the general users to buy the most notice when a cooling fan to see it the size of the air volume, the parameters of the fan noise, power consumption, etc. , but the blade users have paid little attention, performance parameters have been confirmed, but we are not clear, blades actually affects the performance of a cooling fan, then we know, blade is how to affect the performance of the cooling fan, the doorway inside?

1, the smoothness of blade

the smoothness of a cooling fan blades, if the blade is not smooth level off, coarsely, turbulent flow in a cooling fan is produced in the process of operation, increase the friction, so the noise increased, this depends on the die forming and post-processing technology suppliers.

2, blade spacing

we notice it is know that generally narrow blades blade pitch will be big, leading to a wind scattered, affect the air flow, thus reduce the heat dissipation performance of fan, air volume, air pressure is not enough, but if the distance of the blades is too small, lead to air and increase friction on the surface of the blade, affect the speed of the fan.

3, number of blades,

the general structure of cooling fan blades are an odd number of points such as 5, 7, 9, 11, because an even number of blades is symmetrical, such not only makes it hard for cooling fans own balance adjustment, also easy to make a cooling fan to produce resonance, will make the blade or axis fracture occurs, which is to use an odd number of blades, and in the case of other parameters must increase the number of blades, the blade is, the more the more air volume, the air flow is divided into several parts is mainly due to the mountains, the air pressure on the blades will be reduced accordingly, so the friction of the air and mountains will decrease accordingly but the wind will decrease accordingly.

4, blade Angle

a cooling fan, under the same speed if the greater the Angle of blade, the greater the fluctuation of wind pressure on the surface of the leaf. Fan on the surface pressure is too large, may produce backflow phenomenon, reduce the performance of the fan. So the fan blade Angle also to the reasonable design.

5, and blade curvature

the cooling fan is within a certain range, if the blade curvature, the greater the same speed, the greater the kinetic energy of gas, the air volume and air pressure, the greater the at the same time, the resistance of blade is, the greater the required motor torque is bigger.

6, curved blades

blades, except on the cross section has a certain curvature in vertical plane along the radial is not straight, but towards direction of rotation is slightly curved, in radians. If blade straight along the radial extension, the air flow in the outlet side of the fan to rotate by the scattering shaped, blowing distance is short, and the 'power' is not concentrated; Such as the current product version slightly radian, can guarantee the blow out air flow is concentrated in the column in front of the outlet's space, increase the supply air distance and air pressure.

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