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What is the cause of the sound is too big auto car?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Also known as portable car, due to its easy to carry sex makes most people more inclined to it, which in turn spawned many problems when using, such as small make up today for your resolve to use when the sound is too big. Cause analysis: 1, the cooling fan cooling cooling fan dust, dust, the enemy of all kind of household electrical appliances is not only affect the cooling fan cooling when the cooling fan cooling fan operation, it is easy to stay adsorption amounts of dust on the blades. 2, cooling fan cooling radiator fan bearing oil shortage, radiator cooling fan running time, due to various reasons such as dust, cooling fan bearing needs to be oiled. 3, the cooling fan blades 'eccentric', the center of the bearing and the focus of blades, the divergence of the cooling fan to produce looseness, cooling fan wear when running speed, noise is becoming more and more big. Solution: 1, now that is caused by the dust problem that we can remove dust, compared to cars can understand friend teardown of black ash, also can look for professional maintenance personnel for you clean up, ash removal on common market price is 30 ~ 60, if each other quotatio bargaining. 2, radiator cooling fan bearing oiling, remove the cooling fan cooling cooling fan first, and then carefully drip net bearing inner sewing machine oil, for bearing oiling must pay attention to not let the oil spill, a bottle of sewing machine oil the appearance of a few dollars and can be reused many times. 3, if there are any radiator cooling fan blades eccentric, want to consider is stable to the eccentricity of the heat dissipation fin correct cooling fan; Two methods, one is to remove the radiator cooling fan for a thin line through the center of blade hole, lift door leaf, see which end of falling heavy to this end, a grinding on the grinding wheel, know the last blade in a horizontal line. 2 it is directly in a cooling fan, please save trouble, after all. Ok, that is daily protection measures of the cooling fan, hope to help you, pay more attention to the knowledge I 'YiRongChuan'. Our company is a professional development and production of radiator cooling fan, cooling fan, dc fan cooling cooling fan peng brand manufacturers, is a professional research and development, production with many years experience, excellent heat dissipation products company. Has a high-quality research and development of management and technical team, the monthly production capacity of more than 1. 3 million units, free proofing, directly or indirectly from two days out of the sample, welcome friends to come to consult to know.
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