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What is the air volume unit conversion for DC cooling fans?

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
The relevant specification data produced by the DC cooling fan manufacturer, for the size of the air volume, the unit used is not the same, most of them use CFM: Cubic Feet Per Minute, cubic feet per minute (ft3/min), but also useful L/ min: Liter Per Minute, Liter/Minute (L/min, when you want to select the same air volume DC cooling fan but because of different units, you need to have a parameter conversion comparison table, as shown in the figure below. In actual applications, the nominal maximum The air volume value is not the amount of air supplied by the actual heat sink, and the large air volume does not mean that the ventilation capacity is strong. Because when the air flows, the air flow will be blocked by the heat sink fins in its flow path, and its impedance will limit the air freedom Circulation. That is, when the air volume increases, the wind pressure will decrease. Therefore, there must be an optimal operating point, that is, the intersection of the cooling fan performance curve and the wind resistance curve. At the operating point, the slope of the fan characteristic curve is the smallest, and the system characteristic The rate of change of the curve is the lowest. When we are not completely sure how much air volume and wind pressure can achieve the heat dissipation effect, the easiest way is to directly test the installation and test whether the heat dissipation performance can reach the desired effect. Welcome to visit the cooling fan manufacturer again Cooling classroom and news center, the copyright belongs to the cooling fan manufacturer, and only represents personal views, please do not reprint the whole article, violations will be held legally responsible, if you need to know more about the cooling fan manufacturer's product introduction, please click Product Center
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