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What is the advantage of car radiator cooling fan

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
The advantage of auto cooling fan is:

1, comfortable: auto cooling fan using the latest streamline propeller blade, perfect streamline let users enjoy the 1 - 3 m/s vertical air supply, form the nature as the breeze system;
2, easy to use, using the latest frequency infinitely adjustable-speed control system, at the same time of easy to use, humanized interface also allows you to enjoy the beauty of life science and technology achievement;
3, beautiful, durable products through complex surface processing, can discharge the suffering of clean; Every fan cooling fans, the most valuable life can reach more than 10 years;
4, energy saving, consumption reduction perfect streamline design, strict selection test, which can effectively cover can reach more than one thousand five hundred square meters, the maximum power consumption of only 1. Model 5 kw, energy saving.
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