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What is standard of the choice of the radiator cooling fan?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Believe everyone useful heat a cooling fan, it can cool themselves for the people, for home appliances, for industrial equipment cooling cooling ventilation dust removal, etc. , widely used in various places, the size of the market. Between radiator cooling fan manufacturer competition is intense, the market of all kinds of radiator cooling fan also emerge in endlessly, also let people buy radiator cooling fan, don't know where to choose. Today YiRongChuan technician will introduce radiator cooling fan for you what are the selection criteria? 1, the cooling of the cooling fan power in general, any electric appliance is a power effect, the better, the greater the heat dissipation of the cooling fan, if high power wind nature also is stronger, cooling effect is better. But we choose radiator cooling fan is not to say that the greater the power, the better, we need to combine the material and the working principle of the cooling fan to comprehensive comparison. To choose according to actual usage, high power radiator cooling fan energy consumption nature also is big, if you don't need too much heat dissipation effect, can choose power is relatively small. 2, heat dissipation of the cooling fan speed under normal circumstances, the cooling fan speed as the power and the bigger the better, the size of the radiator cooling fan speed is also determines the size of the radiator cooling fan air volume factor. Of course, if the cooling fan speed, the greater the noise and vibration, the greater is certain so when airflow enough product radiation condition, as far as possible choose low speed radiator cooling fan. 3, the material of radiator cooling fan is usually the radiator cooling fan material on the market there are two main types of plastic boxes, aluminum, respectively. General dc cooling heat dissipation material is plastic, and aluminum radiator fan is ac cooling fan. Ac cooling fan cooling effect is low relative to the heat dissipation dc cooling fan, air volume is small. 4, the cooling fan noise radiator cooling fan noise problem, said it's not a big small is not small, the average user won't be much. But a lot of quality closes nevertheless radiator cooling fan in use after a period of time, due to make a big noise, bearing wear or other reasons will not only affect the service life of the cooling fan, still can let a person be agitated, so proposal consumer choice when buying radiator cooling fan strength products to buy good quality manufacturer. What about the cooling of the cooling fan selection criteria, is introduced to here today. Possessing YiRongChuan is a radiator cooling fan design manufacturer with many years of experience, can provide you with the most complete varieties, the optimal quality of radiator cooling fan.
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