Professional manufacturing and production of radiator cooling fans, condenser fans and fan motors, etc.

What color (size, type, specification) is available for automotive cooling fan in TOCH?
A wide variety of color (size, type, specification) is available for our automotive cooling fan. For detailed information, you can check the “Product” page on our website. If our existing offerings do not meet your needs, contact our team and tell us your special requirements. We have experience, expertise, and production capability to figure out solutions to meet all your requirements. We work day in, day out on expanding our product range. You special requirements may help us improve our products and services. We sincerely welcome your inquiry.
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Tongchi Auto Air Conditioner Manufacturing Co., Ltd is active in radiator fan market with advantages of technology and custom radiator fan. TOCH's radiator fan series contains multiple sub-products. TOCH high performance radiator fan is manufactured by experts of high-precision optical components. They master innovative and proprietary optical component manufacturing technologies. The product wears really comfortably. It is highly elastic, soft and shockproof, making it ideal for people's daily wear.
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We strive hard to improve our company's reputation so as to successfully go global. We will market our products to different populations from various backgrounds.

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