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What are the precautions for use of heat dissipation of the cooling fan?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Use in daily life we all used to heat the cooling fan, radiator cooling fan is generally composed of rotor, stator, frame, motor, rotor rotating at can cause air flow, air flow to transfer can take more heat and cooling effect is more obvious. The radiator cooling fan in use process should pay attention to what are the things? Below YiRongChuan technical staff to answer for you: use the radiator cooling fan of note: 1, pay attention to in the process of using heat cooling fan, not entanglement power cord, or pulling on the power cord, avoid the power cord is damaged, also prevent power leakage. 2, maintain the cleanness of the cooling fan, avoid because of dust, water, insects and other objects into the door, lead to the cooling fan will not operate properly. 3, don't empty the cooling cooling fan for more than six months, because of long time not use, store environment can affect the performance of the cooling fan. 4, when the cooling fan in operation, do not use the cooling fan locked particularly long time, the cooling fan for continuous stop not turned, resulting in a high fever burned the cooling fan. 5, please pay attention to the cooling fan will hurt fingers operate at a high speed. Radiator cooling fan in high-speed operation, careful not to touch the blades, avoid cuts from the cooling fan. 6, don't have a flammable objects, or harmful environment using radiator cooling fan, avoid to cause accidents. What are the precautions for use of heat dissipation of the cooling fan, just to share here, today small make up remind everybody, radiator cooling fan after long-term use, tend to have dust or impurities, do a good job cleaning and maintenance, can prolong the service life of the cooling fan.
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