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What are the intelligent speed-regulating cooling fans?

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
For special occasions, customers require that the speed of the cooling fan be intelligently adjusted. Generally, when it is overheated, it is hoped that the speed will be faster, and when the temperature is a little lower, it is hoped that the speed can be reduced. There are two commonly used intelligent speed control functions for cooling fans. As follows: 1. PWM speed control function: It automatically adjusts the speed according to the frequency of use of the system. The higher the duty cycle, the faster the speed, and the lower the duty cycle, the lower the speed. For example, the higher the use frequency of our computer CPU, the higher the temperature at this time, and the faster the cooling fan will rotate 2. Temperature control type: the higher the ambient temperature, the faster the cooling fan speed, and vice versa The slow cooling fan with the intelligent speed regulation function can not only extend the service life of the cooling fan, but also in low temperature conditions without causing the cooling fan to run wildly to generate loud noises.
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