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What are the industrial cooling fan speed control way

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Cooling fan air volume of air pressure and noise is the problem that users have relish, choose air volume higher noise will increase, and as the seasons change, the temperature is different also, air volume are higher in summer and winter lower air volume, also no problem, how do we balance and solve this problem? Each big fan fan manufacturers have developed speed, speed regulation cooling fan can according to the actual requirements to adjust the speed of the fan, it can greatly reduce the fan noise and lower power consumption, we usually what are the most common ways of fan speed?

1, can work by adjusting the supply voltage to adjust the speed of industrial cooling fan.

2, PWM speed regulation cooling fan, there is a dedicated to adjust PWM speed regulating control circuit, the control signal is being done to the cooling fan manufacturers, this function can use frequency and high and low voltage level to control the fan speed, linear control fan speed by adjusting the duty ratios, usually with PWM speed regulating fan for four fuses and FG speed signal.

3, temperature control function, TC) : when this function is applied, the speed of the fan is controlled by temperature, different problems can correspond to different speed, this function will done through a cooling fan manufacturer.

4, but in industrial cooling fan on the line of resistance has reached the lower supply voltage to achieve speed control purposes.

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