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What are the factors industrial cooling fan speed slow

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Information era of rapid development, many industries are now applied to industrial cooling fan, such as household appliances, industrial equipment, electronic equipment, medical and aviation, the figure of a cooling fan is exist.

so what have you met this kind of situation? When buying a fan fan rotation speed can reach the requirements of equipment cooling, but behind with the with the speed slow down, the what are the factors make the cooling fan speed slow?

1, first of all, be careful when installed in a cooling fan is fixed, the absence of fixed to loosen the fan, can also lead to the cooling fan speed slower.

2, check the appearance of the cooling fan, whether the dust accumulation is overmuch, cause of fan rotation struggling, the resistance, rotational speed will slow down, so attention should be paid to the cooling fan of the environment and to clean up the dust in time

3, dc cooling fan speed slow may also be the cause of the power part of the problem, so the user can also consider a change in silent power may be cooling fan, the current market there are a lot of quiet power, the power usually after strictly detection, can effectively reduce the power supply noise. Also to be able to power to change for better dc cooling fan, switch power supply fan is simple in process, the key is to look out the fan and power supply connection parts.

speed is also one of the main parameters that affect the cooling fan performance. So pay attention, be modified at any time!

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