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What are the cooling fan noise

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
A cooling fan noise is a common concern to the size of the object, but the civilian products or high requirements and high precision instruments and facilities, all hope that a cooling fan noise is as small as possible, in the noise control at the same time to focus on the performance of radiator cooling fan, the so-called said you cannot sell the cow and drink the milk, also want to accommodate each other, except as a cooling fan fan box design different blades can lower some noise outside what way can we reduce the fan noise?

the cooling fan itself will produce noise, if the improper installation will cause noise increase, etc. , then we discuss together from a cooling fan on the installation method of how to reduce the engine noise ( In view of the APF active filter) ;

a, installation optimization

1, the supporting plate open a window to change square add fillet

2, supporting plate by moving in the direction of the radiator into 1 cm

3, fan mounted on is to become warped piece blow

2, installation note

1, perforated installation, fan box advice with the column support according to the reliable

2, on both sides of the radiator and the clearance of metal suggest smaller

3, at the bottom of the radiator up film and sheet metal suggest smaller clearance

4, PCB and the bottom of the sheet metal ( Suggest increase the wind deflector, guide the wind from the upper PCB device through the)

chi auto focus a cooling fan field, to provide professional technical support, product collaborative design according to user needs, provide the overall cooling solutions.
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