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What are the common problem radiator cooling fan use?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Radiator cooling fan is mainly used to solve industrial electrical appliances, machinery, power supply, heat dissipation problems, reduce the equipment working environment temperature, in order to prolong the service life of equipment. So if the cooling cooling fan appear problem, can also lead to equipment can't work normally, which affects efficiency of industrial production. Know what are the common issues, radiator cooling fan using can nip in the bud. Below is used by YiRongChuan technician explained radiator cooling fan for you what are the common problems? Radiator cooling fan motor rotation problem, if such phenomenon in a centrifugal fan, must cut off power supply first, then check, if charged check is likely to threaten the life safety of the maintenance staff, constitute a great safety hidden trouble, actually in the cooling of the cooling fan a lot of problems as far as the power supply in the fault, are necessary to cut off the power supply, to ensure safety. Problems in the use of the radiator cooling fan noise is the most common problems. Excessive noise always let a person feel be agitated, so if it is found that the cooling in the use of cooling fan noise is too big, should inspect bolt, see whether there is loose phenomenon. To check the radiator cooling fan impeller is loose, most of the time the radiator cooling fan noise and blade has a direct connection, so the cooling cooling fan once appear, the noise, tend to think of to check the radiator cooling fan impeller part first. Radiator cooling fan bearing vibration, the vibration of the radiator cooling fan will cause damage of bearing and blade, bolt looseness damage, chassis and air duct, serious word will directly lead to the cooling fan can not run normally. Radiator cooling fan bearing vibration to exceed bid more, the reason for the need for different phenomenon analysis reason take appropriate treatment method, can play the twice the result with half the effort. Use what are common problems about cooling the cooling fan, share here today, radiator cooling fan has been widely used in industrial equipment, automotive chassis, control cabinet, electric welding machine, LED display, medical equipment and other fields, plays an important role.
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