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What are the characteristics of the special cooling fan for the special model?

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
Commonly used cooling fan specifications, cooling fan manufacturers generally have public models, and the price is relatively cheap, because they use a large amount, the cost is lower, then why the company also opens a lot of special models a year, in fact, most of the special models are opened For a real new product, for example, a completely different design, but also an appearance design, such as an air purifier. His product does not have a public model, it is self-opened, so the cooling fan is designed by itself instead of a public model. , Special molds have the following advantages: 1. Molds are their own, others just see the market, they have to invest several sets of molds at a time, even if they are willing to invest money, it always takes time to open the mold, so the time for imitation by peers will be longer .Specific model cooling fans do not need to consider who to cooperate with, design what you want, and the performance can be better. The cooling fan manufacturers have a professional Ru0026D team, and cooperate with customer products to do corresponding cooling fan mold design and performance parameter design. And no design fee, we hope to make some cutting-edge products with customers, instead of simply copying and copying with public models
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