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What are the characteristics of the blower?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Blower is a medium is used to purify air, gas and other harmful gases, guarantee the production of fresh environment harmless equipment, widely used in factory workshop, petrochemical, petroleum refining, gas station, sewage treatment and other industrial sectors, plays a vital role. So what do you know the characteristics of the blower? The following follow YiRongChuan professional technician to understand it. Ordinary fan blower features: 1, the usual need lubrication during operation, the blower impeller no friction during operation, do not need daily lubrication, and eliminate gas clean and no pollution. 2, the blower speed is very fast, every part of the space between is very small, leak less, the efficiency is relatively high. 3, blower is composed of rotor, impeller, the bearing parts, stable structure, operation safety. And she mechanical friction losses are very small, and this is reason a longer service life of blower. April and may be determined by selecting the rotational speed of speed of the blower flow, under the influence of rotating speed. What are the characteristics of blower here today to share, another small make up remind everybody, blower use after a long time, there will be dust stains such as accumulation, completes the daily cleaning and maintenance work, can guarantee the normal operation of blower, can prolong the service life of it.
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