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What are the characteristics of the auto radiator cooling fan?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Summer arrived, and air conditioning fan Popsicle short-sleeved season, auto cooling fans endless work again, and the characteristics of the auto cooling fan is what? Cooling fan manufacturer tong chi small make up today is for everyone to share

according to the experimental data, an average car radiator fan cover the size of dozens of small cooling fan cover. Auto cooling fan to a certain extent, the power consumption is higher than that of small cooling fans, but if in the long time use survey found that big car radiator fan energy-saving efficiency is relatively high,

1. Cover large area

in the workshop with larger area, if is to use small cooling fans, according to the area covered by the standard to install the cooling fan, you need to install a lot of small cooling fan, but auto cooling fan is different. Experimental data from within an area of 10000 square meters workshop, you just need to install 6 auto cooling fan, it's all is the large coverage area of the automobile cooling fans do

2. Long life

most car service life of the cooling fan can be in 5 - 10 years, the quality is good car service life of the cooling fan can be in more than 10 years. So long service life, to a great extent, help people to save the installation cost. For those tall space area such as gymnasium, automobile factory, waiting room, install the cooling fan is a good choice

the above is a cooling fan manufacturer chi small make up the characteristics of the cooling fan is something to share about cars, if you need a cooling fan, cooling fan, waterproof cooling fans, auto cooling fan, etc. , please contact with us
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