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What are the car ac fan air supply way?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
What are the car ac fan air supply way?
zui extensive way is to use axial flow fan blowing down, was so popular because capital inductive effect is good and cheap. In addition, there are will be the direction of the axial flow fan, in turn, into convulsions, up coming this way seems to become more and more common.
two air supply way is not the same air way different, when the blast attack is turbulent flow, air pressure was big but simple resistance loss; Convulsions of the attack is laminar flow, air pressure small but airflow. In theory, turbulent flow is much bigger than laminar heat transfer of power, and thus to become the main way. But the air movement and the heat sink also has a direct relationship. On some of the heat sink ( For example too tight fins) , air cooling fin block is very big, can now choose convulsions will have very good effect. As to choose next to the surface of blast, does not generally and top blast effect have what is not the same. And compare with the improvement of the useful way is to set up a dedicated CPU cooling air duct, this wouldn't have been CPU adjacent the effects of hot air, appropriate to reduce the environmental temperature.
axial flow fan, though widely used, but also has inherent defects. Axial flow fan is blocked by motor bearing, air cannot flow through the blast area of central, this is called & other; Dead zone & throughout; 。 And just on the typical heat sink, the central high temperature zui fins. Because of the opposition, choose axis wind flow, cooling effect of cooling fin is not abundant.

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