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What about the production process of the cooling fan manufacturer?

by:TOCH     2021-03-26
Some customers will ask, why do you have to make a small cooling fan for so long? Why is there no inventory? Is it so complicated? Just a little bit bigger. Let's share with you the process. We receive orders from customers. Department sent to the project, the project needs to verify whether this cooling fan has been changed and whether the related tools and fixtures are normal. After entering the material control department, confirm which materials are in stock and how much to buy. There are about 30 kinds of materials for a cooling fan. The items to be purchased are sent to the purchaser. The purchaser gives the delivery date of each material, and then flows into the quality assurance. Production, let them also understand that this order is coming, and make relevant preparations. Then the production tube will set aside time for production. The next step is to wait for suppliers to provide materials. For example, plastic frame leaves generally take more than 10 days for production and delivery. This is the slowest, and because there are too many specifications, the factory has almost no way to prepare materials. When all the materials arrive, the semi-finished motor will be produced on the line according to the schedule of the raw tube, then the finished fan will be assembled, and finally the QA sampling inspection, intermediate PCB board production, rotor magnetization, fan blade balance, coil winding and other preliminary preparations are not detailed Having said that, there are about 70 work descriptions before and after. Therefore, it takes at least 12 days to complete an order for a cooling fan. Sometimes when the material is slow, the production is tight for more than 30 days. From receiving the order to returning to the customer, the entire process is about 2 days. The copyright of the fan dynamic information belongs to the cooling fan manufacturer. Please do not reprint the entire article. Any violation will be held for legal responsibility. If you want to know more about the cooling fan manufacturer's products, please click on the product display.
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