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Ways to deal with the noise of DC cooling fans

by:TOCH     2021-02-26
DC cooling fans are unfamiliar and familiar to us. The unfamiliarity is due to its name, and the familiarity is due to our frequent contact. We often meet it when we disassemble old equipment or repair household appliances. Then the following explains the cause of the noise of the DC cooling fan and the treatment method. Before that, we must first understand what factors are related to the noise of a DC cooling fan: Rotation speed: The faster the DC fan rotates, the larger the fan, and of course the greater the noise. Bearing: The bearings of the DC fan are simply divided into two types. One is oil, the other is balls. Under normal circumstances, a fan with a ball bearing is noisier than a fan with an oil bearing. Air activity: During the rolling of the fan blades, they will encounter resistance in the air. The faster the rolling, the larger the area of u200bu200bthe fan blade, the greater the resistance, and the greater the noise. Resistance: If the fan is used for a long time, the fan will be out of frame, vibrate, and the center of gravity will be unstable. This will cause the fan blade micro-fan shell to bump or interfere, and then generate noise. DC cooling fan noise disposal method: choose the appropriate fan specifications and parameters according to your own practice, and do not consciously pursue the speed. Clean the dust and refuel the fans regularly to reduce the resistance between the fans, choose high-quality products, preferably brands, because the brand is quality and after-sales guarantee, don't be cheap. Put sponge, rubber or cotton cloth between the electric fan and the fixed end to reduce the noise caused by the alarm caused by the high-speed rolling of the electric fan.
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