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Waterproof radiator cooling fan manufacturer of micro and subcompact cars popular science working principle of the heat dissipation dc cooling fan for you

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Mini waterproof dc cooling fan cooling fan manufacturer to tell you today works by dc voltage and electromagnetic induction, and by the electrical energy into mechanical to drive the blades rotating, rely on the coil and IC switch, inductive magnetic ring from drive the blades rotating.


mini waterproof cooling fan manufacturer to tell you that dc cooling fan rotor including dc cooling fan blades, is the source of air flow, the axis of the fan, used to support balanced rotor blades rotate, magnetic ring, permanent magnets, promote level magnetic switch speed key, circular box, fixed the circular. In addition, also includes the support of the spring, through these parts to fixed tuberculosis turn the whole parts, motor parts, production of rotation, and move the size of the critical rotational speed. The speed control performance is good, control is simple.

material characteristics:

mini waterproof dc cooling fan cooling fan manufacturer to tell you material is alloy material, life can be more than 50000 hours of continuous use, internal structure of transformer and main control board (dc Including the inverter circuit, rectifier, filter, amplifier circuit, etc. ) Not affected by voltage fluctuation, so its service life is longer than the other.

chi production of dc fan with large air volume of long life and low noise characteristics. Complete specifications, in addition to the standard series, and auto cooling fan series, waterproof series cooling fan, mini cooling fan series, fully meet the requirements of customers all kinds of heat dissipation, accept customized.
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