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Waterproof radiator cooling fan and IP rating is introduced

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Waterproof cooling fan and IP level is introduced, and a cooling fan manufacturer chi, please below small make up together to learn about

usually say waterproof cooling fans on the market generally refers to the degree of Protection for IP53 and above the cooling fan, and basically can't more than IP56, Protection grade for removal of foreign manufacturers, domestic technical ability is a cooling fan manufacturers achieve IP68 Protection a handful of

IP Protection class related knowledge:

IP is Ingress Protection, IP rating for electrical equipment enclosure Protection grade of foreign invasion, the source is the standard of the international electrotechnical commission IEC
60529, this standard has been adopted in 2004 to the national standard. In this standard, in view of the electrical equipment enclosure protection of foreign body, the format of the IP rating for IPXX, where XX is two digits, said the tag number contact protection and foreign body protection level, the second tag Numbers waterproof protection level, international IP is used as a recognized code of protection class IP level is composed of two Numbers, the first number said dust; Second number by waterproof, the larger the number said its protection such as leader of the poor.

related test based on GB 4208 - in our country 2008/IEC
60529- 2001 '(protection grade IP code) 'Standard requirement, for all kinds of products are qualified protection grade evaluation of qualitative determination test; The highest detection level IP68. Normal product detection level including: IP23, IP44, IP54 or IP55, IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68 grades.

the first said dustproof indicators:

show that housing for people close to the dangerous parts, to prevent foreign matter or water into the solid protection grade and additional information related to the protection code system

the second said waterproof indicators:
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