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Waterproof fan four important index is what?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
Waterproof fan four important index is what? This should be a lot of people don't know, if you don't know, then come and see the

1, the air volume

air volume is waterproof fan exhaust air volume, every second is a measure of waterproof fan cooling capacity of one of the most important indicator. Air flow, the greater the cooling fan of the cooling capacity is, the better.

2, wind pressure

wind pressure and air volume are completely different concepts. Is relative. Wind pressure refers to the waterproof fan for normal ventilation, to overcome the fan ventilation resistance in the trip. Waterproof fan air volume, air pressure will be low. High wind pressure air volume is small. Air flow can bring a lot of air flow, but small wind, the wind is less than the bottom of the radiator, cooling effect is not good, wind pressure the air volume is small, there is not enough air and heat sink for heat exchange, the cooling effect is not good.

3, speed

speed is refers to the number of the fan blade rotation per minute, the unit is the RPM. It is easy to understand.

4, fan noise

working noise is also quite important indicators. General requirements of fan noise to small, and can't exist different sounds.
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