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Waterproof fan can work under low temperature?

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
General use waterproof the environment are high temperature fan, but recently some customers have asked some waterproof fan can operate in low temperature environment, this is because some special products, need to work at room temperature, in low temperature region, waterproof fan also need to work, so, waterproof fan like - at low temperature 20 degrees can work?

with the requirements of customers, the manufacturer will be designed for the customer can also work in low temperature fan, normal, ordinary oil bearing fan in - Below 10 degrees, may be no way to work, lubricating grease could be solidified.

- at low temperature 20 degrees can still work normally, but speed will be lower, low temperature, coagulation caused by bearing, frozen, turn axis core, at this point, within the fan will form a short circuit, the motor temperature rise, the temperature rise, ice around the axis core melt, waterproof fan can run.

waterproof fan running at low temperature, there are still a lot of waterproof fan manufacturer is not the technology, but as long as customers have such demand, waterproof can still study found that the fan manufacturer.
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