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Waterproof cooling fan IP protection grade and salt spray test

by:TOCH     2021-01-27
IP protection grade: IP code refers to the degree of protection shell, IP protection grade is composed of two Numbers, the first digital products dustproof, the level of the external things out, the second number said products waterproof airtight degree, the greater the number said the higher degree of protection.

: salt mist salt spray corrosion resistance experiment of metal surface treatment.

waterproof cooling fans are highest IP68 protection grade, such as fan doesn't work of flooding, choose IP55 ( Even from multiple directions of flow direct injection under the bad environment of steady operation) Can, can meet the waterproof moisture-proof/dustproof function.

restricted by cooling fan structure, Japanese fan, table fan, domestic fan is the highest level IP68 fan is only in view of the fan electronics; Fan structure metal magnetic field device, core shaft, bearing no IP protection.

/ bearing/axial magnetic box unprotected IP68 protection only for electronic devices do

a cooling fan to resistance to salt fog, except the stator magnetic field, bearing are required to do special craft processing, at present, do not make special craft processing, 4 - salt spray test When 8 hours, not bad, but the stator magnetic field, bearing special selection and processing, can be more than 14 consecutive days.

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